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Finally managed to get out of the M41 ... (And a few other things)

 Hi It's me again, sorry about the long wait, My silly family thinks i would prefer slapping misquito's rather then blowing up tanks.

So after a long haul, and converting expierience over using gold, I've managed to get into the M12. 

Well Not quite. I still have to save up the 1.2 million silver in order to buy it. But i have a feeling that will be much easier then the 112,000 experience it took me to reach this artillery piece.

I'm hoping it will be a bit more promising then the last range of artillery pieces - But i don't know, When browsing the forums, I see no mentoin of the M12, Rather it's follower the M43.  But We'll see.


In other news, Sorry for not telling you about this, The 1 year WoT birthday  event was happening, and they are awarding x5 times the regular experience for winning matches instead of the ususal x2.  Gold ammo is very cheap, and let me say. It does help. All the power of armor piercing plus all the damage of high explosive amm

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WoT - Operation Husky.

Normally I hate cutting and pasting, But this little tidbit is just to good to pass over. Op Husky. Your chance to get in on some of the goodies.


Keep an eye out for those gold specials, which goes for another couple of days, I am a little late on the xp bonus of things, But i couldn't figure out how to post on the blog, It wasn't working well for me. (Ie. Click, Off to the forum, i went)


I'll Update my status in a day or so, I have a new tank, and i lost a few older ones. Good Hunting

 july 1943 was a significant period for tank production industry during World War II; that month serious changes took place in Soviet, German and American tank parks. And actually, July was always full of events: soviet medium tank T-28 was used in combat for the first time; T-34 mass production was started; last mass PzIV Ausf H was produced; Stug-III Ausf F was rearmed with 75mm StuK 40 L/48; medium tank M4 Sherman was used in battle in Europe for the first time; tank destroyer M10 Wol

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War Zone 07-21-2011

 Dear Mom, 


It's been quiet lately here on the lines, at least a quiet respite from the daily battles we're all part of. Each day i polish my tank [Scratch]


What am i doing. This is WoT not some silly war movie...

I'm still pushing. I have this driving Need to get into a Tier 6 Artillery. It burns me, and fills me up with bitterness that i have this wreck of an M41. I've switched the guns off the thing from the credit hog 105 to the lighter but more accurate 90mm, in hopes to actually hit more targets. While i'm still pretty far away from my 120k or so i need to fire up the next level, the desperation or rather the hate of my machine grows day by day.

If the dev's nerf the Artillery anymore, i fear it will become an amusement, rather then a staple part of the game. I'll try a few more matches tonight before i rip out any more hair.

On the heavy front, I've finally managed to mount a 90 mm gun on my m6 tank and things are definatly moving along, I feel i can ac

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World of Tanks. Win Or Bust

 Heh. The micro Blog.


I haven't been writing blogs in a long time. Well, I am going to try again since i'm disabled. And can no longer work a regular job

Hmm World of tanks.


I'm finding it a really fun game. Hmm Something about tanks, Getting to blow up other tanks, doing funny things in tanks. 

!!! TANKS !!!!


i think that says it all.


I have been playng world of tanks since it came out. Actually quite a while now. I'm up to tier V tanks - Currently in a Heavy M6 (American Tank) Grinding towards my next gun that requires 9k Experience to work towards)

Oh gosh. Another defeat. I luckily picked the path no one was going towards and Met 4 medium tanks and 1 heavy T29. The mediums didn't bother me much, but the T29. His first shot hit my gas tank and i went up in flames. Fire does 2% damage to your tank a second - Even though my commander that has 100% skills was working on fire fighting, us in flames i went. Oh well, another day another battle. I expect thi

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