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Star Conflict has gone live version 1.0. I'm not one for dog fighting in games. But I like dog fighting in this game. Because even though I have a noob starter ship. The ship handles like it's an endgame ship. Which makes me wonder how the improved ships handle? 

Star Conflict at its core. Is a pvp oriented space combat mmo. However, it does have a pve mode. In fact to get to the good pvp in the game. You will have to deal with the pve mode a bit. So you can level properly to take on the more fun pvp modes.

The combat is what I always would have wanted in a Star Wars game. Only that here we will never see the iconic space craft. 


Nice visuals and effects
The Sound is pretty solid
PVP dogfighting is fun and easy to get into
Starter gear is actually pretty useful.

Some enemy weapons fire through objects
Not enough PVE in the game. The game seems actually unfinished like something is missing
Zero customization in fact you never actually see yourself
Quest dialogue is well lame.

I'll play this game to dogfight. And have a little space action fun. Not many games out there exist like this one. I would say a handful action. So I'll be patient and wait for the game to progress a little further. It looks like it has the recipe but needs more time to mature.

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