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Honestly guys this game pissed me off when I first started reviewing it. It was horrible and I was in the midst of making the review saying that. The footage playing on the bottom right is actually the original review. Rather than scrap it I decided to use it on the bottom. Well pretty much a day ago the Dev team introduced a new patch. I want to call this a miracle patch because boy did it change everything.

The patch fixed the weapon scaling. Before it was terrible and unbalanced. The exp was the worst gain I have seen ever. Now it's still not great but you can work with it. It's better to play with people and do dungeons and quests. A lot of dungeons exist so if something bores you. Go try one of the other 20-30 dungeons. Some are boss fights strictly which is nice. You can farm the boss for drops. You have traditional dungeons and story dungeons.

The music is awesome in this game. And the sounds are all on point. Sword clashes magic sounds etc. The story is however anime generic, that's all I'll say I won't spoil it. The graphics are anime shaded. Some will not like that but I don't mind it in this case. It's an anime game they shouldn't look like real people. The customization could be better and the dev team acknowledged that. So we will see on that in the future.


Combat is fun weapons make sense. And learning to use them properly takes skill. Button mashing works up to level 2 lol....

Dungeons by the bunches! So many dungeons I think they got a thing for them

Music anime music at that enough said

Easy to understand hard to execute. What I mean by this is this. The game basically is easy to get into. But come time to fight bosses they are not easy. They have one shot mechanics. And you need to learn the patterns fast or die.

Weapons are plentiful but choose wisely for your play style and decide early. Each weapon has skills that need to level and it takes time. Switching weapons a lot will hurt you.


Partners are useless in the beginning. Beyond the first one you get. Every one of them after is useless and just dies in battle. They are best kept as NPC's who sell you stuff

Exp still needs a slight buff. It's better but it's faster to speed run dungeons. Than actually run around questing.

Hitting Escape will get you killed....You will see why once you do it. They really need to fix that it's a problem.

On the fly weapon changing is a little weird in use. Once you get used to moving it. Things go better but when you get used it. Try fighting and getting used to it? Yea that is a major issue and could cause you death.

Some may not care about this but I do. The challenge between world mobs and boss mobs is too big of a gap. Outside mobs are all like dancing around singing Hello Kitty. And then you fight a boss mob and he is singing Deathlok shooting a bazooka at you. I would like the outside mobs to get a challenge buff.

Care bear conspiracy already hitting this game. People are whining it's too hard. And they did nerf a few things. Some was needed some really wasn't at all. People who are watching this and reading this review. Don't run on forums complaining about challenge. You can easily tell what this game is going for. And it's the whole Dark Souls combat all over again. It's supposed to be hard. If you can't handle it go play something easier. Don't expect the game to just give you loot.


I love the game NOW. I am a Dark/Demon Souls fan. So this game is where it's at for free. And you can play in a team with people. So it's win and win for me. It does have a lot of work ahead. But it's already a game permanently on my pc now.


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