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So we have the new patch info up for Jan 28th on the main site. Plenty of good info there likes guesting and the changes to achievements. I hope this breathes life into a very empty world. Most of everyone who is online hides in the main cities. Or live in constant a dungeon that doesn’t make for a very fun open world experience.

And you have new gamers trying to do upper level zone events for the very first time. Going through the game a second time gave me perspective on that struggle. But I’ve always been a loner and scrap my way through zones in games. It’s funny to say that because I’ve been a major guild leader 3 times successfully.

Also coming in that looks fun is the new pvp zone very happily name Silent Storm. Like I said in the video it’s not named after me that be cool but it’s not. But I do plan on doing something special for a dungeon sharing my name. Hey I had this name since 95 almost twenty years of the storm. Got to add this place to the fun don’t you think?

I am hoping the infusions however have a fun new variety of things to add. And also hoping people don’t act lazy about doing world achievements to get them. I won’t comment on the Quaggan back pack because I’d used a word deemed culturally insensitive to describe that.

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