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Black Desert: Kunoichi Class Fun For Everyone

Seems every class that comes into this game. Brings more fun and style to it. I didn't like the mages however in the recent update. But this new Kunoichi class is fun. Like the Samurai class, Kunoichi can attack from ranged and melee. This sets up some fun and interesting combos. In all she is a fast get in get out do alot of damage character. Not too much into defense but who needs defense? When you hit like a truck and move like a race car?

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Skyforge: so far so good

We are a few weeks in now. Everything is still fresh and new. Plenty of tweaks were made and the game is fun. But let's talk about what can improve.

1.More loot variation= The game needs different types of random drops. More things to collect maybe cosmetic items?

2.More Open World= They're trying be we need more. Right now you feel funneled into dungeons over and over

3. Unlocking Classes Needs Incentive= After you unlock one class unlocking further needs to be encouraged. Maybe a permanent buff to spark collection. That increases every class unlocked, so it's less of a grind and rewards you.

4. More story and side quests= The face book like system is there. I think it needs to be used a bit more to give us various things to do.

5. More Clothing= I thought they do better in this department. Sadly I was wrong, we need more even if it's cash shopped.

6. PVP Queue= Is downright terrible all the time. Either no one likes pvp or people scared? I don't know what it is but the queue ti

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Bleach Online Muramasa Zanpaktu and Cute Orihimie

Cute Orihime

She is pretty good and a major boost to your party. She is currently 150usd in the lease event. It's annoying but worth it and not as pricey as other characters.

Muramasa Zanpaktu

Muramasa is a beast of a Zanpaktu that is usually 500usd. It is half that price for the Anniversary event at 250 so I had to take advantage of that. The sword attacks Assaulters and Supporters, and is a good compliment to supporter build groups.

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MMO Show Season 2 Episode 84 ARPG take over is real

In the past I have said this a few times. But I really didn't want to believe it was happening. ARPG's are becoming the go to format. Currently 30 games are in play that fit the category. Majority of it is already west or coming west. So the thing is when did this become the in gaming format?

And what does that mean for the WoW clones? Well pretty much they're dying out. We are seeing less and less big name innovations each year. In fact we haven't seen ANY big name innovations this year. Black Desert had a shot, but sadly it's been stripped down each week. I'm starting to wonder where are we really going to go from here.


Forsaken World Mobile


Tree of Savior

Moonlight Blade



Borderlands Online

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