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Mabinogi Heroes Arisha KR Too Sexy?

Ok don't get me wrong I love me some skin. But I was asked to show her finally because I could. And come on Nexon...Normally I ignore this kind of stuff. But this is a blatant sexy cash grab. And they been ramping up for this. If you look at each female released. Her concept and character are nice.

But when are companies going to understand that isn't enough? Boob physics is nice for a few fights. But I rather dev's be worrying about good content. And less about how many hormone lonely hearts they can cash grab. She isn't the worse offender out there to be honest. You can look at Scarlet Blade for that. But I honestly noticed it more here. Because she seems really on another level compared to the other girls in the game.

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ArcheAge Fateweaver: Leveling Build

Build Calculator

This one I based off of the Lawbringer build I made for Rift. The Rift devs were actually cool enough to add it as a preset and give me credit. So I figured I'd try to remake it for AA to be bad ass in. This build is Sorcery, Witchcraft, and Songcraft. Basically used for leveling and dungeons if you want. But once you're 50 better options are out there for you. The class is named Lamentor. But I don't agree with that name. The class combination seems more like the character should be a Fate. Which are known as Magicians, Singers, and witches. Actually what the class combo is.

The original Lawbringer had nice damage excellent survival shielding and healing. And very mobile able to do damage anywhere any time and survive. In ArcheAge I managed to emulate that as close as I could. Sorcery gives you all the damage plus good CC. Witch gives even better CC, damage and Utility. Songcraft gives sustain healing and CC. Also both Witchcraft and Songcraft are very flexible

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Naruto Online Official CH First Impression and Gameplay

Watch this to learn how to playMain Site

I'm very happy to say I'm in and playing now. After having the door slammed in my face yesterday. 

To begin with this game is not like the other flash games. It's a official Naruto game with full permission. It follows the storyline in the manga. And it offers you more control over the fight than other games. 

Basically you decide what team you want. And then what combos go better with which character. It's important to understand that. Because it's very tempting to have a theme favorite character team. However, that may not work out for you.

Think in terms of Final Fantasy 13's system. The characters will fight without you. But they won't synch combo or chain specials. You need both of those techniques to be good here.

Synch Combos as u

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Naruto Online Official CH Game How to Play

Naruto Online Main Site

I have been watching this for awhile. And I was waiting until I had a completely valid way to play. I found that way and got into this game. Only to be shut down by a completely full server. So in the meantime I'll show you how I did it. And get you prepared for the next server coming in a few days.

To begin with this is the first Naruto Online game I know of. That Namco actually sponsors and gave it's blessing. So you have full authentic characters and game play. Even movie sequences from the show. And reenactments of story line that we will be able to do. You pick from 5 villages and elemental types. Not much customization of them can be done. But in these games no one cares about it much.

To be able to get a key you need to act fast. Go to this site http://act.yzz.cn/s/2014/hyrz_bsd/

You will need a QQ account once again. Or you can sign up for the site itself. Just use chrome to translate the registration page. But to make things easier on you get a QQ account...
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