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Bleach Online Weekly Wrap Up 1#

Being that I have to do multiple videos on the game in the week. What I decided to do is put them all in one post once a week on friday. No point in having multiple post over the week. It's been a very up and down week in the game. A new character was just released and a long awaited one came at the wrong time of the year.

Berserk Renji was released he's a good alternative for PVE players

You guys tell me looks fishy.

The past week gave us Christmas Ichigo...yea it's still August. At least we get a look at Shin Shura Kenpachi

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Asker Online OBT KR Female Blader Gameplay

To be honest when I played this at first. I almost cut it off 10 minutes in. Because it seemed like a unfinished Vindictus. But I'm forced to give games a longer shot then that. As I played more cool things started happening. A lot of destructible environments that effect the fight. Bosses with some actual AI and cool mechanics. Plus some good zone design and story. In all the game starts very slow but if you give it a chance. It will entertain you, but you will get that dejavu feeling. Because it's a long the lines of Dragon Nest and Vindictus.


Nice Zone Design and travel

Destructible Environments

Nice Attacks 

Nice Gear design on characters

Large Bosses and Boss fights


Character Customization for the Male and Kid class is terrible

Bad targeting happens ALOT nothing you can do about it

Clipping happens a lot in this game

Game has good story elements, just not taking advantage of it.


The game seems unfinished and rushed. Like it could be really g

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Asker Online OBT KR Character Creation+Intro

It was a nice intro and the customization seems solid


I'll let the video and pictures tell the story expect a Review coming soon

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Tiny Mighty Heroes Unite

Well for starters it's a browser MMO. So lets get this out of the way. It will be pay2win get over it. Now that the obvious is out of the way. Is the game any good? Well I give it credit for having a lot of characters and being easy to understand. I also give it credit for being harder then the average browser MMO. 

But that's where it all ends. It's just like everything else but with Faux Marvel Heroes to use. Younger kids will get a kick out of this and have fun. But the older generation will play it 10 minutes and say been there done that. So this ones for my kids to play as a starter MMO.

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