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Black Sheep Project Online Trailer

Sign up got beta on Pmang You will need a Korean sponsor

Some say I don't know how lucky I am running a network. But when I wake up in the morning, and get see Press release emails. You learn to appreciate things don't last forever. But while they do we get good games like this one. I had to do a bit of editing because some songs are not YouTube friendly. But once I was done with it, we get a game that has tons of combos. And a very destructive environment you can play in. Beta is coming sometime in two months according to my information. And I've officially been invited to beta, so look forward to seeing reviews on this one. I don't know if they will be on this site, we will see on that. 

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Blade and Soul CN Open Beta: Pure Soul Ep.23 "Does NA even matter anymore?"

I have a question for you guys about Blade and Soul. Being that the English patch has so much of the game converted. Do you even want the NA version now? Of course if you have unplayable lag on the CH version. It's understandable to want an English version. But with even sub titles in the cut scenes. Most people who prefer the original voices and not new bad dubs. Will want to keep it this way and deal with it.

Me personally if enough people wanted me to. I would come to NA but at this point I don't care if it ever comes out. We can basically play it all in English now.
I show you how to use the English patch in this video below. The method and link are all still valid. And Loki has gone as far as make the patch server linked so it always upgrades.

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DC Universe Online (S.I.P.) aka Should I Play series guide

I'm starting a new series designed, to a be all in one quick stop for games. This series will only be American games already released. Foreign gamers please don't take any offense to this. I cover a lot of overseas games, but western games need love too. Basically I'll be touching on games quickly. And telling you the cold hard facts and giving you a preview of what to expect. As well as giving you information you won't have to seek out. Like how to get started in the game. Is it pay2win or easy to get into etc..

Things to look out for as a free player

Unable to trade items with players or use voice chat

Cash limit in game is only 2000

Some Power sets are limited from you without the dlc

Two Character Limit instead of 6 characters to create

Vault access is limited to once a week. Compared to every day

Being a free player does not limit pvp at all, but you may end up fighting dlc power sets you're not used to.

But some PVE content maybe not available to you like trinkets. You

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Maestia Online Aeria Games Look

Play Maestia

Maestia Online has me scratching my head. Then it had me raging on the forums. Because the support told me I had too much ram....Like really REALLY? Anyway the game is a middle of the road MMO. You have a good deal unique in the game. But it's all drowned out by bugs, crashes, and really dry music.


Merc System is awesome! Allows you to rent a part if no one is around for a dungeon. Or you can call on friends you made in game. And they become NPC's to help you. This system is a lot of fun, it's almost a waste to be trapped in this game.
Skills system is well designed and under used.
Clothing in the game is rather cool
PVP highest ranked people, are displayed as statues in the main towns. That is an extremely nice touch.
Praying in this game can allow you to complete quests. So

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