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Darkness Rises: First Impressions

Darkness crawls throughout the land and within it lurks a horde of ferocious demons ready to breach our gates. The path ahead will be grueling, but you must persevere and descend into hell itself to destroy this evil before it ravages our world. Darkness Rises is a revolutionary Action RPG that blends gorgeous graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense boss battles, all within the palm of your hands. From the earth-shattering Berserker to the magic-wielding Wizard - choose from a number of classes that fits your playstyle. Decimate fearsome monsters with a flurry of powerful skills or unleash them in the arena against other players. Conquer the darkness before it conquers you.

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Friday 13th Puzzle Game: First Impressions

Help legendary horror icon Jason Voorhees stalk and slay campers across 100+ puzzle levels in a hilariously off kilter puzzle game. Jason will terrorize victims from the campgrounds of Crystal Lake to the highrises of Manhattan, from supermax prisons to space stations... and beyond!

Steam Page= http://store.steampowered.com/app/795...

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DanMachi Memoria Freese: Weekly Guides and Content 4/9-415

Most likely the hottest mobile game on the market now. And rather than have a ton of different articles. I decided to put them all into one article weekly. So in case you missed any content you can see it all in one place.

The rampage mode allows you to customize and gear your character.
This sets up some interesting endgame builds. Things like stun resist and seal resist.

Sprouting Devotion story is pretty fun to run through. You also get 500 Iris for completing it. I also had extremely good luck with this summon round.

My final summons on the banner. Whatever I get that is it, and I'll move on to saving for the next one.

Rampage is a very interesting mode. It is absolutely self-sustaining. Meaning you don't need anything but the power you come in with. On top of that you should have a plan of what you want to go for. So your not randomly wasting resources every day. I basically just showed you my thought process in action.

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Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]: EX Medal Deal Summons

I wanted to chase another 8 tier medal. My Keyblade is rounding out nicely we will have some luck here. Check out my luck in this new event.

Dandelion Meeting

Calling all Keyblade wielders: the first-ever official community event for KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] is coming to Anaheim, CA this April!

Attendees can participate in live activities and preview special in-game content all while enjoying Kingdom Hearts-themed décor and socializing with fellow union members at the House of Blues Anaheim!

Furthermore, legendary franchise Director Tetsuya Nomura, Producer Hironori Okayama and other guests from the development team will be in attendance to participate in panels where they will share their thoughts about the game’s making and their vision for its future!

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