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Naruto Mobile CN: Teen Temari

Temari is a monster in this game. She is kind of a monster in the show as well. I got her from an event two weeks ago. She is well worth you guys picking her up. Those of you that have ventured into playing in China.

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Party Hard 2: Alpha 1 Gameplay Reactions

Main Site

This is an outright crazy game. It is in 8-bit format so that will throw you off to the phone inside. Think the game postal in a night club and you pretty much have this game in a nutshell. You can only play the first level of the demo freely. So anyone can jump in and try it out. Really nothing else to say about it other than trying it for yourself.

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Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross: How to play it on your pc 100% (Android devices method)

After looking around a long time. I could not find a valid working method to play on pc for two weeks. Finally, after trial and error, I found this method.
For it you will need Vysor you can get it here= https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vysor/gidgenkbbabolejbgbpnhbimgjbffefm?hl=en-US

Vysor allows you to play Kingdom Hearts from your Cellphone or Tablet Android devices. You can freely use your keyboard and mouse.
Vysor is free with ads. But in order to get the best quality, it is 2usd a month. Or 10usd a year. I find it worth it because I'm a KH fan.
The only downfall to this is the only sound you get is on the device. It does not come through the program.

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My Hero Academia Smash Tap: JP How to play it and a surprise ending

You first need bluestacks= http://www.bluestacks.com/#gref
Once its installed log in with Gmail on Google play

Then you will need QooApp= https://apps.qoo-app.com/en

From here you will need to again log into Qooapp with your Gmail account

On the main page of QooApp you just need to hit the first tab games. You will see My Hero trending. The download button is in English. From there it will install. The rest you can easily take care of from there. Good luck have fun gaming 

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