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Moonlight Blade OBT: Character Customization Gameplay

I know a lot of you guys have been waiting for this game. I am going to have a lot of fun with this one. And do a lot of videos for it. So just for now this is the character customization and intro quest gameplay. I'll be letting it fly on this game over the next week. For now here's screen shots and nice gameplay.

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Bleach Online Mugetsu Comes To The NA

This week Mugetsu get's his American debut. Only problem with that is he is so expensive I'm not even going to bother doing the math. When you need a car loan to play with a character. Yea F that noise and here's the math (LOL) he cost ($4000usd)

At least if you some how find yourself crazy enough to buy him. You will have the most broken OP character ever made in history. Congrats you win the game.

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Metal Reaper Online

The game is fun I just wanted to show it off for you guys a little. And see what you think of it.


Has a classic feel to it
Gun play even in the small graphics still works
Simple to play 
Very giving on the loot


Enemy AI is terrible
Graphics seem dated
Sound is off at times
Skills seem off at times


The game could be better a lot better. I'm hoping they stick to there  guns and upgrade this properly.

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Dragonball Online Revival Character Creation

Main Page

So thanks to the games over at DBO I got to get in. And at least look at the character creation of DBO again. The servers were not online when I got online. But this is still a treat because it seems things are coming along.

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