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Burst Sky Online CH First Impression

Main Page

This is one of the recent additions to go complete release for NetEase's cast of games. It's a very straight forward dungeon crawler MMO. To be frank it's Dungeon Fighter in the sky. For me this is fun because I like the old school games like Gradius. I can get my fix of that in this game. With a character that transforms and morphs as he levels.

You get 5 characters to choose from. Each has a different upgrade pattern. They also have different ultimate forms and skills. With storylines to go with each of them. I don't see a need for a full review. But if anything changes I'll be sure to get it out to you.

Main Page is above no key is needed for this game only a NetEase account. And the account doesn't even have to be verified.

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Call of Duty Online CH First Impression+ How to play it

This game is rather awesome if I say so myself. I haven't played COD since Black Ops 2. And this gave me all the nice memories of that game. I just did one quest string in the game. It has 21 I could count, they vary in difficulty and level. You will see me streaming it this week. Because it's a lot of fun.

You will need a QQ account to play. And don't wait too long because the keys are half gone. This is the link Below.

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Dungeon and Fighter CH Sword Art Online Invasion

I thought I'd let my DFO fans know about this one just in case they didn't. Sword Art Online has made another invasion to a game. You get to see the floating city. And put on some of the iconic gear of the anime itself. You also can earn titles based off the show. If you're really good or lucky you can get Liz or Asuna as pets.
The Japanese version of the game had this almost a year ago. But that is a pain in the ass to get into. Not worth the VPN work to play it. You can easily do this with a QQ account. You can see the games home page HERE

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MMO! Show Episode 50 "Week 11/23/2014" Rise of the Action MMO

I don't know if you guys noticed this or not. But the Action MMO is on it's way. And companies are set to changing the genre more towards that. Is that good or bad I don't know? But after this year I say anything is better than the let downs of 2014.

Crisis 2015 Debuts= http://wj.163.com/

Elsword "Drabaki New Boss"= http://en.elswordonline.com/
Goat Simulator MMO= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAm5yxQA_HY
Urban Galaxy= https://www.urbangalaxyonline.com/
World of Speed Tokyo Supra= http://wos.my.com/news/announcements/toyota-supra-mk4
Lineage Eternal= http://global.ncsoft.com/global/ ... cgames.aspx?game=LE
Closers Online Coming Soon= http://www.naddic.com/

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