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Bleach Online "Ultimate Aizen" Finally

So I finally got Ultimate Aizen and he is evil :)!

The Ultimate Aizen is pretty dangerous fully upgraded. He can shut down a whole team for 2 rounds. Also if you get him strong enough he can damage or wipe out a whole team. I plan on teaming him with Nel or Cute Orihimie. But Aizen is always going to attack first. All of this is going to be scary in tandem. So look forward to more videos and combos with Aizen. He is also my first Red character besides the main character.

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MMO! Show Episode 81 "Week 6/28/2015" character customization does matter

This week I wanted to talk about character customization. You always see people say graphics aren't everything. Well in the case of character customization. In this day and age it means everything. If the base design of what you run around with for hours of your life. Is just a terrible badly designed model. I don't care how good the game play is. I'm just not playing it. You can say its vain but would you ride a rusty car just because it runs smooth?

It's 2015 and I had games to a higher standard. I want total control and total immersion from anything coming in the future. Lazy template character creation is not acceptable anymore. So what i want to know is this acceptable for you? The current state of character customization. Or do you expect now sound off. Companies are watching :)

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Inspirit Online NA Character Customization

If you guys remember I took this game on in it's Korean form. ELOA is a fun Diablo like game. I can't wait to get into this one on a NA platform. I had lots of fun playing Korean. If you guys want a easy to get into game to watch this one is it. I'll review it later in the week, after I have played further.

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Marvel Heroes: Iron Man Mark 2 Team Up

Marvel Heroes has decided to bless us with a free tag team up character. Iron Man Mark 2 is a nice single target nuker. Who can live and survive most encounters in game. He doesn't do too well against bosses. Due to the fact he doesn't have anything to defend himself as skills.

He can defend you with a shield. But he doesn't do that too often so don't count on it. Just think of it as a nice bonus once and awhile. Maybe his AI needs to be tweak for that to be more useful. He's very flashy with his attacks, lots of explosions and movie like action.

Don't forget to log on today. Because you will get this excellent guy for free.

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