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Last Epoch: Online Action RPG Pre-Alpha Sorcerer


I was blessed to have a look at the kick starter Last Epoch. This is me playing through Sorcerer.  I had plenty of fun in this game. The skills in this game makes you able to go multiple places and builds. They all have branches and variations. So no one should be the same unless they literally try to be the same. I'm limited to two classes in this alpha. I will do the beastmaster later in the week. Enjoy this early pre-alpha look 

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Tale of Fallen Dragons: Indie Game

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Let's check out another indie rogue title. This is a dungeon crawler game with roguelike elements based on Ancient Chinese story. Under the Fallen Dragons Temple, you`ll fight with various dragons which all have different shapes. The art style is based on real artifacts from China.
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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia: World of Illusions Trials of Ifrit+ New Banner Summons

The Ifrit trail isn't very hard until you get to the end of it. When the level range moves out of the range we can reach. We also have a new banner.

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Atlantica Online: Another look turning the page back

Taking a look back at Atlantica Online. This game was many peoples first look at a first generation MMO. The cool thing about the game something that still hasn't been matched. Is the fact you can control multiple teams on your side. And have several pretty cool characters at your disposal. Team fights also sport 3 teams with 9 people each in team play. This sets up some interesting fights and dynamics.

The music in this game is pretty good. Stepping back in after years I remembered the music before anything else. It leaves a nice impression on you as any music in any game should.

Yes this is a dated game. If you want a nice blast from the past that is free to play. Give it a try it has some interesting gameplay and boss fights.


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