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MMO! Show Episode 54 "Week 12/21/2014" Top Free2play Dungeon Crawlers

Hmm bet you thought with my condition right now? I'd skip a show for a week NOPE! Being that I can't talk right now. The next two weeks will be countdowns for the MMO show. But don't worry I will make it well worth your time.

Now I already did world wide MMO's. But these games fall under a different type of category. They all fit as an MMO but I consider them Dungeon Crawlers and standalone. As in the dungeon game play overwhelms the rest of the game.

10. Marvel Heroes

9. Mystic Fighter

8. Closers Online

7. Path of Exile

6. Maple Story

5. Vindictus

4. Elsword

3. Kritika Online

2. Dungeon Fighter

1. Dragon Nest

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Warframe: Storm Files S2/Ep.36 "Update 15.8 Taking the Battle to Hek"

A very busy week in Warframe. Unfortunately with my luck I ended up with a bad virus this week. Pretty much my voice is shut down for awhile. But the party isn't over just because I can't speak.

We ended up getting Nova Prime this week. A nice looking frame until I realized she has bows on her head. And kinda looks like a Lolicon. Yea......um DE? She is a fun frame to use like the previous Nova. But I'll move along away from this. Because somehow I feel uncomfortable looking at her too long. (You can't unsee it once you see it.

We also got two nice weapons the Fluctus and Centaur. The Fluctus is basically a space crossbow. With nice range and damage. Even at a low level it does pretty good damage. So I can see this being a nice dread like bow in space. The Centaur in concept is nice. But...
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Marvel Heroes Venom's Debut Gameplay+Fun

Venom is the one character I waited all year for. Mainly because I'm a spider man fan. I wasn't disappointed by the wait. Although his white suit they gave him. Is a little scary for a good guy costume. But hey whatever it's still cool. 

Venom has his own resource system called Ichor. Basically the black substance the symbiot secretes. You can easily build it with Venom then unload it for nice dps or utility. Just depends on what you want out of the situation. 

He has ranged ability looks cool. But I would suggest ignoring them. Because Venom seems more like a brawler slash tank. He has good survival and can stand toe to toe with bosses. I don't think his ranged abilities make him as strong in that case. So unless you're facing something you 100% must range. Just plain stick w

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Black Desert: How to get good ping and video settings

A lot of people have message me about my settings in Black Desert. I did a stream yesterday and it went well. So even though my voice is really bad. You no longer need to get beyond the Ip block. Because that has been lifted. Now all you need to do is link WTFast to the games exe file. For example mine is (C:\Daum Games\Black Desert\bin64) Because I use the 64bit client 

And the main page here= http://black.game.daum.net/black/index.daum
If all goes well you should be able to work
Now as for the video settings this is easy to understand. I covered if in the video but I'll list it again here.

The options are listed as you see them in game

Full Screen, Fullscreen Windowed, Window
UI Scale
Camera Shake
Field of View
Texture= Slider Low to High
Graphics= Slider Low to High

You can mix and match settings until you get a stable FPS. I suggest going mid and going up slowly. But at any rate you should be good to go from here

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