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How to play Android MMO's/MMORPG's On Your PC

Ok so I had blue stacks for a while. Some games I like to play on my desktop. Yesterday it suddenly hit me hey why not review mmo's on android as well. So I went looking for them all and how to do it properly. Which lead me to Stepharu's site. Which is crazy because I am already subscribed myself to that channel. He stated he uses APK Downloader. That was the missing link I needed in this equation.

With APK Downloader you can download anything from the Google Store and play it. This includes games not from the US. So now I and you after you learn how. Can play games from anywhere as long as they have a Google+ link.

Step 1. Download Blue Stacks and Install it. http://www.bluestacks.com/
Make sure you have a Gmail account. You will need that to log into Google Play. Once there you are done, unless you want to download games from the normal library. Take note you cannot use Bitdefender and Blue Stacks together. So if you have that antivirus you need to remove it. Install Bluestacks then i

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Zombies Ate My Pizza First Look

This game for starters seems to have a strong liking for pizza. You have pizza puns, jokes, killing moves, etc. Majority of the time I have no idea what the story is talking about. Because they substitute pizza for everything.

Once you get beyond the pizza fetish. You have a smooth browser shooter. I used to say that's rare in today's gaming age. Not anymore as of this year. More and more of these types of games are popping up. So now I look for something more unique in them.

That game is a lot like Contra, Ikari Warriors, and Commando. Putting all of those things together is awesome. But the missions are so short you hardly get any blood pumping action. Ultimately I think that's what keeps you from really enjoying this game. Even raid bosses are really short encounters.

I've only managed

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ArcheAge Taking In The Sights 1080p

I decided to just run around ArcheAge for a bit. I was playing farming up things. And then I looked off to the right. And seen the sun peaking though the forest. And instantly did a eye pop out that's awesome face. Which led me to just run around where I could recording more awesome.

Now in some places on max settings I do experience slight lag. But all things considered I run around on max settings all the time.  I am using a old I7 processor gtx 660 and 16gigs of ram. So if you have better or close to it. You should be able to do the samething as me and record well. I plan to upgrade all of this soon. Because I noticed lately even browser games are stepping it up.

As far as this game. I suggest you just stop and look around a bit. Doesn't matter what version you have RU, NA, KR just

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Guild Wars 2: Guardian Monk 2.0 Build

This is a slight change from monk 1.0
Monk 2.0 Calc Link Here

Samething applies from Monk 1.0. This is a Spvp/WvW build. It can be used for pve but it's selfish I wouldn't. Try the Crusader build that will be out soon. I'll post it next week.

New to the build is Litany of Wrath. This is a very curious skill. That may not even be worth it most times. Because it has ramp up which leaves you vulnerable. But if you get timing use of it down. I can be invaluable to you in dps situations. Where you would need healing. The skill gives you 20% of damage dealt is returned as healing. So the stronger and more you hit the more you get back.

If this skill isn't for you the legacy heal skills will do just fine. I would rather leave Zeal in the trash. But now with the zerker nerf we need it. And the new skills we get from pve exploration or kills. I wouldn't bother unless someone has tested they actually worth using.

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