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Tianju Online "Revelations" Character Customization+30 Minutes Gameplay

Prepare yourself this one is long. That's why I busted out the video bar. Feel free to use it and skip ahead. This game left me no choice but to give it in depth time. Enjoy this ones a pretty package.

You can sneak your way into this beta. I will explain how in the full review. You can also buy your way in if you don't feel like waiting. Which is what most people did soon as they seen this game. I'm reserving any kind of opinion right now.

Because as pretty and fun as this game is. It has quite a few things that irk me. And I'm not sure I can get over them. So stay tuned for it, this maybe a interesting game to review. Chances are I'm going to piss off a lot of Asians in this one. Because they going nuts over this one right now.

But I have to say in this one, you maybe able to ma

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Warframe: Storm Files - S2/Ep.26 "Update 14.5/Operation: Cryotic Front!/Glaxion/Nukor/Kronen

Warframe Update 14.5 is very nice. I didn’t expect all these weapons to be honest. But hey since we got them let’s get right to it. Huge additions that include a new Event, New Weapons, New Customization, and a New Game Mode take Warframe to even greater heights!

Glaxion= A nice Ice beam rifle a bit low on the damage side. But it has some decent utility, a nice slow, and freeze the target death.

Nukor= The new side arm of the patch. Shoots a constant stream of damage and can vaporize enemies on death.

Kronen= The new Tenno tonfa, is rather large but greatly useable nice damage

Kubrows= now can be altered in looks just pick up the color sets

NEW GAME MODE= Introducing Excavation, a new game mode that replaces the Survival mission types for planet surfaces. Defend a Scanning Device and coll

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Blade and Soul RU Beta: Pure Soul Ep.26 "Taking a look at the Russian English Patch"

For this week in Blade and Soul. I’m going to show you how to use the Russian Blade and Soul with the English patch. This has been around for a month or so. But I wanted to mess with it a little while and iron out all the bugs and work arounds. Several guides are out already, but I think I did a good job helping you bypass the bugs in errors. I don’t want anyone lost on this one so here we go. Before you even begin cut off your virus scanner. It will mess up many steps in this process if you leave it active. And once you finish all the steps make exceptions for the English patch file.

Intro Login Screen

First you will need to sign up. You can do that here on this link http://playbns.com/. On this page you will see a red lettering sentence. Click that sentence it will lead you to the very eas

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The Crew First Impressions+Starter Missions

Well I was supposed to be sleeping. But this game just made me stay up. It maybe one of the most fun racing games I ever played. The mmorpg of it made me keep wanting to see more plot. And I love cars so you already know I geeked out on that.

Cars look excellent in this game

Graphics are clean and I suffered little to no lag at high speeds

Good pc optimization and fast UI

Story gets to the point in a hurry, plenty of voice overs
Playing with people is a blast, so Co-op is encouraged make some friends out there
Exploring this game maybe the most fun aspect. So many land marks and hidden things to find.
Various races bring a lot into the game, from street to snow you will enjoy yourself

The story is a double edge sword. It's nice but I think it moves a bit too fast. You don't get much

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