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Marvel Heroes: Magik Debut

After a little wait here she is in all her glory Magik! 

Super tanky nice regend
Skills work well together
Excellent movement
Super Strong Sig Skill

Average Aoe
Average Nuke Skills
Voice acting lines are  a 
bit all over the place

Live Stream Coverage

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Kritika Online New Season Trailer

This trailer is really good. This game is great I can't wait until this gets west. But for now I'm content playing in China

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Skara Online PVP MMO Updated Look

Main Site
Skara recently has updated the game. This is a pvp oriented arena game. These games come and go to be honest. I hope this one sticks because we need a few PVP games to hit main stream. It looks good so far a few things appear unfair at times. A lot of the game is still not finished as well. Remember it's in testing, so it has a long way to go.

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Dragon Tiger Chinese MMO

Main Page

Ok being that the eastern countries are starting to heat up. I decided to start with Dragon Tiger. Due to the fact it has pretty good story telling design. You may not be able to understand it. You won't need to due to the whimsical comic book style story telling.


Story telling is very good and emotional
The game is stuffed full of mini events and mini games
Straight forward battle system
Looking to come west (may not happen but at least it's trying)


Copies sounds from other hit games
Graphics appear rough at times
Skill systems takes a long time to ramp up
Enemy Ai or lack of it is. I dont think I have ever seen AI this bad


I started this one off for the new invasions. Because I like story and by far this game has the best presentations for it. I wish they had a be

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