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Twilight Spirits CN: Extended Trailer

The potential is high let's see who first gets the license. Maybe it will be MY? I'd like to see some one else get a crack at it however.

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Star Wars The Old Republic: Should you play it

SWTOR maybe the greatest story telling MMO we have. Here is 15 points in the game that connect you to the game. And get you to understand if it's worth playing. Remember this is not a review just points to get someone whose never played. To understand if they want to play the game or not.

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Seven Knights (NA) Android MMO

Main Site= http://sevenknights.netmarble.com/

This game is pretty solid it's been in NA over a year now. And I'm finally sitting down to take a look at it. It might get a spot on my phone along side Record Keepers and Mobius. This game reminds me a lot of Valkyerie Profile.


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Age of Wushu: Remastered?

It's too good to be true but it is true. So I'm going to enjoy this if the game is revived out of sucking.  I have no idea why they plan on doing this and part 2. Hopefully this will all work out for the best.

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