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Nine Parchments: First Impressions

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Nine Parchments is an ARPG with pretty good physics. A very nice battle system with spell clashes. Also a very good looking game world and music. It has been a pleasure to play a very good game. You also have plenty of characters to unlock. And plenty of boards to conquer, with secrets to find all throughout. It's shaping up to be a really good game at only 20 bucks.

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Black Desert Online: Mystic Character Creation (Making DesireStar)

I always love making characters in this game. It doesn't matter if its male or female it ends up nice. With the Mystic up I decided to make something fitting. Remember Mystic comes out next week and this is simply premaking the character.

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Bleach Spiritual Awakening: Weekly Events and Roulette 4000 Magatama

The events this week didn't do me any favors. In fact it was the worse I have ever done in the events the entire game. I don't know if this means the game got harder or simply bad luck. I did manage to get the new Aizen which you will see below, but that took some nice grinding and patience.

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Alien Quest Eve: First Impressions

Don't die in it you will regret it. And never look at games the same. This is truly a Metroidvania game, I had to edit alot to make it worthy of being up on YouTube. It gets really hardcore gore and uncalled scenes. So children shouldn't be allowed anywhere near this game. Unfortunately for this game due to its mature nature. Most will not get to enjoy it for being a good Metroid clone.

Download= https://grimhelm.wordpress.com/

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