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MMO! Show Episode 64 "Week 3/1/2015" Starting March off on the right foot

Getting back on the news feel this week is good. Because I actually had something worthwhile to report. For starters Crowfall made a good kick starter showing. ESO is about to be free to play. Speaking of free Final Fantasy 14 is free2play now until March 9th.

Games Listed:

Dragon's Dogma

Skyforge Online




Elder Scrolls Online

Final Fantasy 14

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Black Desert: Ep.7 Having some fun with the new Blader Class

Truth be told I like tamer better. Now that is out of the way. I like the bladers attacks and style more then the tamer. He has his weaknesses though. For starters majority of his attacks combo's will leave you open. You need to know when to use them and get out of there.

He also has more animated frames then the tamer. What that means is his follow through is longer. To off set that he has more power. And he has a bow that can snipe targets. Which was the ultimate seller for me.

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Eldevin Online A Quick Stomp Around


I'm not going to mislead anyone here. I first cut this game on and almost had a (Nope!) moment. Unfortunately I am not in the position to get away with that. So I pressed on to figure out why I'm looking at this in 2015. So I'll pro and con this since I was asked to look at it.


No class system use what you like. As long as you have the skills points to use it.

World is surprisingly full of people

Professions are viable and usable to everyone

Extreme Levels of character building depth (Best Part of the game)

Interesting PVP due to so many weird builds floating around

Random World Bosses and Events(plenty)

Nice comunity


Graphics almost made me turn it off

Controls are terrible! I can get over graphics but sliding characters is bad coding. 
I don't forgive someone just not sitting down and fixing that. 

Pay to be lazy exist in the game some people equal that to paytowin I don't however.

Some quest are weird and have bad instructions on what to do. It's really confusi

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Dungeon Fighters NA Is Coming Get Ready

Dungeon Fighter Online FB

Now is the time for all you fans out there to represent. DFO is (supposed) to be coming around early March. We haven't heard anything yet if that is actually a fact. But let's say it is. This time around make sure to appreciate and support it. Let's be honest we took it for granted last time. People said they loved it, but in reality although successful. It really didn't tear up sales charts.

The main point of this video/article is to point that out. So we make sure we don't repeat that same history. If it dies this time it won't be coming back. Not many games get to raise like a Phoenix. Make this one count people.

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