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MMO Show Season 2 Ep.93 Week 10/4/2015 "MMO's Use of social media"

MMO Show S2/Ep. 93

Games Showed

Closers Online, Marvel Heroes, Rift

All companies bottom line should be connecting with the public. if a company isn't doing that. Even if it's super popular it's dooming itself to failure in the long run. You need the public and good faith for a long successful venture. With that said how do you do it easily?

Well that's where social media comes in. It's very easy to reach the public that way. And you get an appearance of looking human. You don't want the stigma of seeming like the (Man). That is a kiss of death in the gaming world. So the proper use of things like Face Book, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram all go a long way.

Visable Dev's who interact with the community goes a long way as well. Look around and see how many companies extend themselves to you.

If you like the channel consider subscribing,sharing, and liking :)= http://full.sc/1zeOeU8

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Marvel Heroes: Sunspot heats things up


He may get best at the ball in looks. That doesn't mean he's not bad ass when it comes to a fight. In fact he can do it all himself, you can just sit back and drink some coffee.

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Revelations Online Another Look

Being that Blade and Soul is ramping up to come out. I figured I'd show you guys Revelations again. Because it's similar and some would even say it's a clone. This very site has extensive guides on how to play the game. I strongly suggest you give it a try or at least a look.

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Marvel Heroes Kitty Pryde Released

Kitty Pryde was released in Marvel Heroes this week. She was fun to run around with. Might even be a good starter character. Not the best farmer you can pick up. But she is good once you get used to her mechanics.


Nice damage for a female character
skillful pay rewards you
Nice  AOE capability
Nice movement in fighting
dragon combat is fun


Very squishy takes time to get used to
Powers are all over the place
some dragon powers leave you open
voice acting gets annoying fast

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