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MMO! Show Episode 41 "Week 9/21/2014" Things to look forward to

Ok this week I wanted to showcase a bit of upcoming titles. Things that I am mostly waiting on hardcore. We don’t have much to look forward to in MMO. To be honest I don’t see anything on the Horizon beyond Blade and Soul and Tianyu. And they are almost sister games. Where is the rest of the industry? Is no one going to try and break the mold? And give us a true sandbox? Or a true theme park that isn’t a grind fest? I want to see it I’m challenging all the companies. Wow us make us same damn now this is an awesome game.

Black Desert Is Killing Them In CBT3= http://black.game.daum.net/black/index.daum

Skyforge maybe as hot as BD= http://sf.my.com/us

Das Tal the surprise hit= http://www.das-tal-game.com/home

Dungeon Fighter Look out for it= http://dnf.neople.com/

Elite:Dangerous Keep on yo

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Black Desert First Look+Extended Gameplay Uncut

I decided not only to review the game. But also help along people stuck in certain parts of the game. The language barrier can be pretty annoying in this game. But a few things can always help you out. 
Well for starters if you're playing and you end up stuck. Log out to the character select. And then log back in. The game will basically show you where you can get quest. Or where to go for a quest in the loading screen. It's helped me quite a few times. Especially logging in for the first time in the day.

Another key thing to always do. Is when trying to auto path somewhere. Hit tab to force yourself out of combat. This will allow auto path to work. And this is also the case when needing to talk to a npc target. Put away those weapons and you can easily speak to them.
Now as for the ga

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Rift The Life : Ep.18 "Nightmare Tide Goodness"

Masteries System Feature Image

I just wanted to show you guys a little glimpse of whats to come in Rift. The new expansion is literally around the corner. And we can show you guys a whole lot more of the game now. Not everything and not everything is in to show. But in this video I'll show you some nice sights. And the up and coming Mastery System. As well as the new minion system.

Mastery System
The Mastery System serves as an extension of the Soul system we already have. After lvl 60 when you hit lvl 61. You get a soul point. These points allow you to choose between the new mastery skills. They can be passives or actual skills. It's designed to open up the choices a bit on the soul trees.

Minion System

The Minion System is a new mini game of sorts. You can find and collect new minion monsters. That you can send on quest

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Warframe: Storm Files - S2/Ep.27 "Gate Crashing" Update 14.7

Play Warframe Now

What's up so we had content "Operation Gate Crash" drop on us late last night. I stayed up with a few co gamers. And pretty much got it down and done. For my troubles I got new slash mods. And the cool to look at Dagger Weapon Sheev. The event is fun won't take you long to do at all.

I also took the liberty of showing off the new whip weapon Atterax and Sniper Machine gun "Buzlok" that homes in on targets. One of the more cooler weapons ever in Warframe. Very nice additions to the game this week.

Crashing that gate!

The Sheev


A message from The Lotus:


We have reviewed Baro Ki’ Teer’s Archwing datamass, much of it is corrupt but what little it does reveal is invaluable. We now know that more information exists and we must look for it in Orokin D

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