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Pocket Monsters: Remake

This game was pretty cool in the grand scheme of things. I'm not sure what Nintendo thinks about this game. They managed to do a good job fitting Pokemon's world neatly into a browser like game. It's actually faster to play than a normal Pokemon game. And pretty much does the same thing better. 

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Guardians of Ember: First Impressions

This game is nothing short of crazy fun. I was extremely excited to get a invite over the weekend. I could easily make this a hour long look. But no one has time for something like that.


Character Creation with full control over how you look. Gender skin color it's all in there

Fluid combat no slow down or jumpy movement
Skill system that can be customized to how you like
Housing system

World Events and quest not too boring


Music seems a bit repeated and a little drowned out

The games graphics pop, however the UI doesn't seems out of place
A bit hard sometimes to under stand where to go
Monster AI seems a bit too simple (ARPG Genre problem)


Anyone into ARPG's should check this out. It's 100% a new contender in the gaming community.


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Star Wars: Force Arena Impressions

You guys know I don't MOBA often. I gotta say this game is fast and fun. And I got a little sad fighting Leia. But the end revenge versus a player was sweet. This game is very fast MOBA action, most games won't last longer than 5 minutes. I wish all MOBA games were quicker. You choose an hero class with troops from card packs. Like most MOBA games the goal is destroy the enemies base. But this time it's in the Star Wars universe with familiar faces to do the task. 

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Flower Knight Girl: Impressions

Well it comes a time in every YouTube channel. A game comes along that is a bit yea....it's a pretty giving game. And cheap in comparison to other browser games in each category. It's a bit echi going down the perv route with breast bounce. And way too many loli's for my liking. I did enjoy later on that the game got a bit more challenging and using auto wasn't a option. As for the NSFW version it's not as perverted as you would think. I won't show it but the only difference is a few scenes. And the girls talk to you like they're all in heat. If you want to get a little Hentai in your anime cereal give it a go. If it's too ghetto for your liking you may want to try things else where.

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