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Naruto Online CH Character Combos

How to play the game is here

I wanted to take the time out to show you guys something cool.
Who you pick in this game means a lot. You must make sure atleast 3 of the 4 if not all. Of your team can all combo synch with each other. I say the exception to the rule. Would be in boss fights. Because you can't knock up or down most big bosses. 

So having combo synchs that do that is useless. It's better to have a traditional team of tank dps and healer. But I'll show that in a different video. For most any other fights in this game you want a complete team combo. What that does is more than likely instant kill an opponent. 

It's especially deadly in pvp. And when you have people who do aoe damage in combos. That can for instance in this video. I have Sasuke and Haku. They both have Aoe damage linkers. So does my main character. So they can damage one enemy greatly and splash damage the surrounding. That will lead you to so easy wins.

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Blade and Soul CH Beta: Pure Soul Ep.29 "How I figure things out without guides"

Now someone told me in comments. That I was not clear on how I figure out things in Blade and Soul. Pretty much this video I explain how. A lot has to do with the excellent English patch Loki Reborn made. But even without it the game helps you.

        Tooltip Power Use It!

In most items tool tips, the game will point you in the right direction. So if it's a upgradeable item, you will have a nice hint for it. I use that hint and basically look on the map. Then find the matching symbols in Chinese and head to that area. Or in the case It's still not clear. I'll Google search the area and exact item.

All of this has never failed me all the way to max level. Now that I'm doing it again on the Light side. It's even easier this time around. So I hope all of

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Scion's Top 10 MMORPG 2014 World Wide

Over a year ago I did a 2013 top MMORPG's list. But I really didn't know much about worldwide MMORPG's. This past year I get to know a lot of games. And a lot of developers of those games. This year’s list is a true worldwide opinion.



Of course you are 100% allowed to not agree with me. And post your own in the comments below.



1. Final Fantasy 14= I think at this time. No other game is as complete as FF14. I took into consideration Raiding, Social, Leveling, Style, and community. And FF14 wins because all of it is solid. Not extreme outstanding but stable and solid. Which can't be said for the rest of the list right now.


2. Black Desert= Maybe the most anticipated title of all time in MMO. I think for the most part it deserves this. I've played to a high level in the game. And was never once disappointed.


3. World of Warcraft= to be honest it still deserves respect. But it doesn't deserve number one anymore. Not with the consta

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Wuhun 2 Character Creation+Intro Gameplay

Wuhun 2 Main Site

I gave you guys a quick glimpse of the trailer yesterday. Well here is the game today. You don't need anything special to play. You just need to have made a Netease account. And all you need to do that is Google Chrome to translate the page. I decided to cover this game because, it's under the games coming west section. So that raised my eyebrow because I never heard of it.

This is pretty much the character creation and intro gameplay. I'll save any valid opinion until I play a bit further. But my first impression is very average. It's a flashy game and reminds me of Devian. We will see from here if it's a hit or miss.

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