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Marvel Heroes: Star Lord First Look

Play Marvel Heroes Now

The latest character to release on Marvel Heroes is Star Lord. He is a ranged specialist. With good crowd control and some what limited aoe potential. He is a weird fun character to pick up. His voice is a little on the annoying side. I also consider him one of the characters you would need all his tree's to make a good build.

It's in my opinion to each their own. Here is the official run down on him.

"An accomplished pilot and expert marksman, Star-Lord leads the rag-tag group of galactic power-houses known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. Half human and half Spartoi alien, Peter Quill was born on Earth. After witnessing his mother's murder and escaping the orphanage that he lived in, he sought out a live in the stars. Through some luck (and a lot of subterfuge), Q...
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Star Wars: The Old Republic (S.I.P.) Should I Play?

For the second go around in the S.I.P. series we take a glance at Star Wars the Old Republic. Now I’m in a tough situation with this game. I like the game but I hate the free2play system it has. I am all for free2play when it’s done correctly. I feel this games system is horrible not thought out and should be abolished. I’m 100% sure this game and the company would be worlds better if it was done correctly.

As far as the game itself, the game is excellent. The graphics are average because it’s Hero Engine at its core. And to be honest I’ve never seen Hero Engine look much better. The sound and sound effects are on point. They got down the feel of a Star Wars type game. The tons of voice acting helps that feel out a lot. And makes the game feel a bit more alive. Loot and trade skills are

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League of Angels A Second Look

Ok so I took a second look at League of Angel. A lot of people are still swearing by this game. Calling it the best browser mmo out there. While I'll never call anything that. I can see why they say it. But I don't really agree with it, but let's take a look and you guys tell me.




Plenty to do for a browser game. Maybe the most I have ever seen in a game like this. And that's with me being only lvl 30. It has more activities than some games max level.


It has a power system so its auto pay2win before you see anything else. With that said because so many systems exist in the game. If a diligent gamer does everything he can keep up with the pack. But I caution you on this because it's a lot to do.


The Angels are sexy, but a little over the top. The higher level you get the more they're over the top. But don't get me wrong they're the key to this game. If you want to be strong you need a strong angel.


Has plenty of endgame and dungeon

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Devilian Open Beta Trailer Footage

Devilian Homepage

Devilian is a beast of a game coming by Hangame. You guys can get a good glimpse of the action here. The open beta for this game starts next month on the 8th. I will be covering it from day one so look forward to that. And a fan said they found a way into the game. For non Korean account holders. So I'll share that with you then. As long as it's legit.

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