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Black Desert: Ep.11 "Female Blader Plum"

The new blader class came out yesterday. Pretty much this is the customization. I kept this short and sweet. I'll show her off later this week or on Monday. It seems as we go a long, they're getting better at base design for the females. Either someones a perv or a female is doing the defaults now. And not a blind man with no sense of anatomy.

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Monster Hunter: Boss Run Part 1

What I'm going to do is try and show all the bosses. As I meet them and level up. I like fighting all of them in this game. Gives me a rush trying to figure out each ones pattern. You get to see 4 boss fights in this video. Each are very different fun and a bit taxing. This game doesn't allow you to do things fast. So get used to being tactical if you play alone. Or better yet make a friend and roll along with them. Most bosses need to be beaten at least once for story progression. But after that you are free to fight them as much as you see fit.

The cool thing about killing these bosses is you get to wear what you kill. However, just because you kill doesn't mean it will look good when killed. In fact much of the monsters gear in this game. Looks outright ugly and badly put together.

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Marvel Heroes: The Age of Ultron Challenge

This is my first time inside this challenge. It's pretty fun not to hard in figuring out what to do. You just need to manage waves of enemies. And manage boss mechanics. Basically don't stand in red circles. That sounds easy but times happen you just don't see it. So my suggestion to make things easier on yourself. Cut down effects for this place. Because the majority of things that get you killed. Is boss effects you just can't see due to powers flying everywhere. 

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MMO! Show Episode 73 "Week 5/3/2015" Are we all too jaded now?

This week I want to touch on the community. We as gamer sometimes put unfair expectations on games. We just don't give games a chance we should. And hype things we shouldn't. A lot of that comes from over hype letdown. People feel burned and jaded, so they just give up. 

At that people you have a lot of gamers who become arm chair critics. These gamers start putting really unrealistic thoughts on games. And hold everything they see to them. Those are the people who you see making insanely insensitive comments to dev's.

Or the same guys who say "Hey give me more theme park fun and the next week say give me more sand box". As a game dev it's impossible to satisfy that. So we as gamers have to watch how we expect things.

Games that appear on this weeks show

Monster Hunter
Guild Wars 2
Heroes of the Storm

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