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Black Desert: Any damage done to the game's market?

So as I'm looking at the shop I see pretty much no damage. What I mean by damage, is long lasting effects to having items sold. I did not see any detriment to the market. In fact the market is better now than it ever was. Due to the fact everything in the pearl shop is available for in game currency. Something that should have been like that from the start. Also as you can see population wise no problem exist finding people. Just trying to clear up the rumors and lies about the topic. All that happen was the weak minded people are gone. Every game is better off with those type of gamers not existing in it's community. Toxic elements are best purged for the better of everyone involved.

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Shushan: Gameplay Extended

I got to say this game was a complete shock. I hadn't heard a single thing about it. Then boom I'm invited and yep it's actually pretty good. It's also another game with flight being a major part of the game play. I have not seen any in air combat yet, so stay tuned on that. In all so far this does seem like a quest grinder. I prefer that over grinding mobs, that is plain unappealing to me.

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MMO! Show Episode 131 Week 9/23/2016 "Mobile&Browser MMO takeover"

Have you guys noticed the major shift in games for mobile and browser? It has gone well beyond the scope of PC MMO's. In fact money wise it's leaving PC in the dust. So much so it's very unprofitable in comparison. With that said where does it leave us pc gamers?

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Naruto Online Guides and Events 9/22

This event has some ups and downs for me. It seems they want to control the spending and keep people from being too powerful. The problem with it that it's not too lucrative at all to spend anything. What you get back is laughable at best. So I'll more than likely skip this week on events. 

Last weeks events were actually better

This is for the pay players out there

The differences between China and America

Guide on Breeze dancer

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