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Karos Online: New Gunner Class Patch Today [081310]

Attention Karos Players!

A new and exciting Karos Online patch is coming and blazing with it are the following additions to the ever-evolving adventures in the world of Asmara:

1. New Race: Vaneese and New Class: Gunner

"Great things come in small packages" as people would say and which might sum-up Vaneeseans. They are regarded highly as the go-to guys in blacksmithing and stone-cutting due to their prowess in creating gear and instruments in warfare. The specialist in fire-powered weapons such as rifles and artilleries. A Gunner has a unique set of crafting skills that employ multi-purpose devices in combat in addition to the powerful ranged attacks from a rifle or a cannon. However, the player must spend a fortune to have all the skills of the gunner to be fully implemented and effective. Gunners can advance to a Sharpshooter whose specialty is ranged attacks using a rifle, or to a Creator who is a cannon-wielding master of crafting and installing combat-oriented devices.

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