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Those who follow the Shin Megami Tensei series are delighted that it's got an MMO. However the question is what does this MMO offer for the current fans of the series and what does it do for the new players.

After playing the game for over 300 hours, I've come to the idea that this MMO does offer something interesting for strategic player. The in-depth combat system allows you to build your skill sets using a Expertise sys em, which allows you to unlock new skills, select any weapon that the client offers, from a sword or rifle just to name a few.

The story starts you off as a Demon Buster Trainee in a futuristic ruins of Tokyo. As you process the story, you raise your ranks as you complete the chapters in the main quest, however while the story isn't complete and their news on possible future updates, it's a good start. The interesting part is that although the client makes the story mode extremely difficult for the player to complete solo, teaming up means that completing those difficult quests allows all the players to earn the big rewards that the quest offers and makes teaming up worth while. The story is told with a few cutscenes, which is also worth sitting thou.

It doesn't mean a player shouldn't play MegaTen for the story as there loads of other quests and features to play with. The returning Demon Compendium will add much more hours in the experience as it will allow you to collect 3/4 of the demons found in the world, dungeons will give you rare items upon completing them and more time to practice how you play and combat the spawning demons. There so much customization in what you can do, you may want to think about getting yourself a second character or even a third one. Unlike the console versions, you cannot take out the demons and re-add them to your party as the Compendium is all just for information and offers a different set of rewards.

PvE will pit you against human and machines as well as demons and PvP where clans join together and battle it out for rewards which aren't offered for solo players.  Moon phases make it a bit more challenging as depending on how the world operates and will offers you different moments such as demon appearances in a world, items for sale, and affects the PvE play along with loads of other factors.

Capturing and fusing demons allows you to lengthen the experience a bit more, as they're your main 'buddies' of the game. Leveling them up, unlocking new skills and also taking control of them helps you be more successful in combat situations and lower the risks of exploring locations or adds more power in defeating powerful enemies. During later moments and if your unaware, you'll be spending 15 minutes doing the same combat pattern in taking on and defeating a boss.

The downside of the client would be the combat mechanics. Practicing takes alot more time considering it's current state, could put some players off. You'll have problems knowing if you have loaded your weapon or knowing if your skill is ready or not and it's almost confusing to understanding what's going on.

Getting defeated or knocked out is the worst experience, most of the time, it would be the lag or in worst cases, the disconnects will give you a cheap experience losses if your in a middle of a mob. You will also learn that the world layout was designed to also waste more time needed, considering of the placement of many NPCs and theid distance to complete quests for experience points or other special rewards.

I would say that you'll spend a bit more time then need for this game, however overcoming this will offer the most forfilling experience in this huge world. Once you get to know the whole world, you may want to invest into some cash items from the shop to shorten the experience a bit, such as speed items or double (or triple) experience, as it will help get further into the game alot faster.

The developers Cave promises the Japanese market some updates, however the North American Aeria Games service is still waiting for some more news if they're going to get updated or not.

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