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PC VS Console: A humble reply.


My humble reply to (Why Console gaming better then PC).  
Simple fact is, PC wins. PC will always distribute a robust online experience. Online Multiplayer was just for PC, from Quake,Halo,Garry's mod, and popular shooter Counter strike source. It's still evolving and growing as we see revolutionized MMO community such as WOW, Aion, and F2P MMORPG industry starting to flourish in the market. PC will always deliever the best online experience, even with a not up-to-par PC or graphic cards . PC can hold thousands of players simultaneously, while theirs no such "Massive Multiplayer console". Consoles weren't made to be in-depth and complexe, but simple.  
Upgrading computer doesn't cost a lot!  
Upgrading is affordable these days, and doesn't cost that much. Theirs different tiers of upgrades, to resolution,specs,manufacture,PCI slot,DDR, and many questions to ask. Do i want to upgrade for 3-5years? Do

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Star Trek Online isn't a Mmo.

MMORPG isn't a genre, It's a alternative to "Instance", "consoles","handheld","single-player". Multi-playerdefines that theirs a lot of players, that what star trek is an MO (Multiplayer Online). MMORPG is a framework, Not an instance. About a shared world, not a lobby.

STO has perpetrated as an  MMO. We’ve been said to that the instances weren’t noticeable, as we were wrong after all. Not only is that a huge barrier between a large persistent world, It blocks communication barrier, socializing barrier,  Interaction barrier, outside the zone chat. They also had the nerve to put prefix-MMO. Okay, you’ve just crossed the line here.

Cryptic I’ve expected more then just 20-50 players in one instance. I’ve expected an MMORPG. You can’t take that description without looking at the facts. In STO, you get a Quest in an instance, you are lucky to either have someone participating with you in your instance (Not preplanned With friends/Ventrilo) most of these mission is orientat

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Improve Gaming Performance


Improve gaming Performance

Are you experiencing Lag? FPS Lag? Well, I got a couple Tips/tricks that should increase overall gaming performance, and decrease lag. FPS lag can be caused by Anti virus, Program Firewalls,Unnecessary Services/Processes running in the background. Spy ware and viruses can leach on system performance too. Make sure you run System Scan daily or At least twice a week.These are programs that i use, they are completely safe to download. Updating graphic card can give better performance. Remember stay updated with your latest Drivers, because not being up to date can cause problem with games. Such as Graphical errors, Slow performance, Game Freezing, and Low FPS

Set Visual Affects to best Performance

You can set visual affects to best performance to increase CPU speed which can drastically increase system performance by miles. My Computer > Properties > Advanced Tab > Performance Settings > Visual Effects Tab > Set to best Performance.



Increase Virtual Memory

Increasing your Virtual Memory Can increase your windows performance, Especially with Many applications and System Hogs that take up a lot of memory. Note: You can only increas

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      Ngames Are Shutting down Legend of Ares, GhostOnline, and Holic! But, with compensation!

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