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New NPC's coming in the next CBT patch!

We're very close to releasing the next CBT Patch and it has been a bit of time. Anyways the function of this specific new NPC is to trade items obtained in the instances for stuff they sell!


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Cash Shop

I know this is a sensitive topic, but it is something we are taking seriously. Right now for the beta test the prices aren't set but we know that this is a major area that can make or break a game. So while waiting for a patch we're actually busy weighing the potential pricing to make sure it is the following:


1: Priced properly with the items capability

2: Make sure the items don't break the game.

3: Make sure the items aren't overpriced and meet a semblance of the regular market standards.

4: Prioritize more on appearance and customization.

5: Avoid as much as possible as putting equipment on the shop.

The list actually goes on but I don't want to say anything on the more important methods.

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Something for everyone in terms of travel!

Well, time to do a simpler post. In Bounty Hounds travel is a bit varied. Plenty of options available.

- Warp Stations. If you have a specific warp station saved you can warp there for free once every hour!

- Hoverboards. The default mode of transportation. These flying boards are high tech surfboards designed for the waves of the sky.

- Jetpacks. Large and impressive jetpacks that provide exceptional flair for those who like the flashy stuff.

- Jetbikes. Think you want to ride around in a large vehicle, this is for you. Think TRON!

- Walking. If you're on a budget or can't figure out how to get the good stuff, I think you're stuck with walking.

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Alcatraz Luna

Lets scale back a bit into some of the higher level content aside from the instances and go right to the regular high level maps for today.

This here is Alcatraz Luna, it's a prison located on the Moon that orbits around Empyrea. It's the place where all the unruly elements get taken to. Don't think it's a peaceful place, even the authorities are trying to retake control of the prison.


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