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Reading in game lores, oh and Dragon Nest Closed Beta.

 The infamous Dragon Nest is finally having it's closed beta from June 15th to the 20th. Awesome game and I am glad I got into the closed beta. I have had my eye on playing the Paladin class for a while. It sounds like a mix of Ragnaork Online's Paladin and Monk class.

 The lore is interesting, even if I think I am one of the few that actually reads these things nowadays. It is the usual gods, goddesses, mortals, and dragons. Lots of dragons. I see plot holes everywhere but who cares? Let's get on with it...

 Part one: So the gist of the lore is Desmodeus, ruler big guy, wants to find the lustre his son Lucius, thieving "favored" son, stole from him. He demanded his daughters Althea and Vestinel create worlds from his dream (which I don't even...) to create a mortal that can get the lustre back. Leaves me wondering why couldn't he send his daughters, every other god and goddess to search instead of wasting energy to create something weaker to search for

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Show of hands who has played Shin Megami Tensei/DemiKids and liked it?

Right now I am waiting for Dragonica, but then I saw Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine. Aeria Games I thought, humm how come I did not notice before. That name looks familiar. DemiKids: Light and Dark version for the GBA. OMG. 2003. Then it all came back to me. That was and awesome game. I was hoping there would be a part two. I used to spend nights just playing it along with Pokemon Sapphire. Now it is becoming a MMO? I am all over that like Yogi Bear to picnic baskets.

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