Heroes of Might and Magic Online Closed Beta Review

By: Szaryx posted at May 12, 2010 3:32 am

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 Heroes of Might and Magic Online Closed Beta Review

                In last week Heores of Might and Magic Online Closed Beta Key Giveaway contest started on  MMOsite. As Heroes of Might and Magic is very famous game I wanted to try it. Closed Beta started in Friday, 7 May and it have a lot of users. 

At start we can choose one of the 8 castles. I’ve choosed Rampart, as it was my favourite castle in HoMM.


At start I was surprised that I couldn’t use unlimited number of unit in one stack. So I’ve made 2 stacks of centaurs 2 of dwarfs and 3 of elfs, but soon I realized that the best way will be to use 7 stacks of elf. And most of people use similar tactic, so I guess that system will change a little to make it better to use different kinds of units.

There  are few  ways to level up:

*Main way is Battlefield Lobby- This system is similar to normal HoMM. Mission objectives are:

-Kill x monsters/boss

-Capture resource

-Collect credits

-Talk with npc

When you repeat quests 3,6 or 9 time you get special prize.

*Next  way is traveling around the world and if you’re in battle area you can be aggressed by monsters

*Fight in pvp and get exp items.

Units and spell upgrade:


While you’re fighting your units get exp and  they get stars, which increase their stats and after reaching 3 stars you can upgrade your units. But most of time your units die in fight and you need to buy new ones, so each time your unit die you get soul, which you offer in town and after this you can buy units with more stars.


To upgrade spells levels you need to use this spell and cast it x times, where x depend on kind of spell and it level. Then after reaching required number you need to go to battlefield lobby and find place to upgrade spell.

*Online training:

There is also online training where you can train Units mastery and spells. You just need to talk with npc and stay online. It’s good for people who use computer a lot, but don’t have time to play(like working in job).

Building Castle:

At start you have one castle, then after reaching 60 and 100 lv and when you get prestige you can build next castle.

You can also put your castle on some ground, which is nice idea for me(building your own castle), but it doesn’t give too many advantages (at the moment I saw only that you can teleport between main city and your castle).


Battle System:

Battle system is same as most of HoMM games battles. So I’m not going to write about it.

There is a lot of users who complain that this game isn’t like HoMM3 and that HoMM3 was better. I didn’t liked these differences at start, but later my opinion about this changed and I like it.


TG Digital Entertainment did not disappoint the expectations of fans and created another part of this classic game, this time in the online version. There are still a lot of bugs in it, hope it will be well updated after the CB. Anyway it's worth your try!


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