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MONTREAL, CANADA, Wednesday May 14, 2008, The company AmalGame-Online Inc. announced the official launch of "BlackMoon Chronicles - Winds Of War™" !

Today, it is time for observations. Like many of you have noticed, the game does not give us satisfaction. For many well-identified reasons, the results we were expecting have not been met.

Despite a definite interest at the launch of the beta-test (more than 1000 accounts created in the first couple of days), the results are not where we want them to be.
Many technical difficulties came to delay the beginning of the beta-test (lack of server stability, problems with the SQL base, problems with the launcher), thus repelling a huge part of the players that had created an account.

We have worked hard to rectify this. Fifteen days later, the server was stable and we finally started the normal debugging of the game like it should be done in a beta-test period. But a lot of harm had already been done.

We have to admit it: the game was launched prematurely.

After a few weeks of analysis, the team of AmalGame-Online has realized a complete assessment of the encountered difficulties and is now decided to give a real future to this game, which, like many of you have noticed, has an interesting potential, distinguishing itself by its originality and its uniqueness.

Now what is to come? What are you going to do to get back on your feet?

The answer is simple: we will involve ourselves and we will involve you, and we will take the necessary time to bring BlackMoon Chronicles – Winds Of War™ where it should be. This will resolve in a series of short term, middle term and long term actions:

How are you going to manage all that?

Firstly, we will completely change the payment system. Here are a series of steps that will be put in application in the following days:

- The subscription system will be removed, thus making Auster a completely free server during the development phase.
- At the end of that development phase, the game will keep a 100% free access and will gain a premium account system, the nature of which will be announced in due time. Other alternative systems are not out of the question but one thing is certain, those who wish to play for free will keep that alternative.

Yes, but a big gap is often created between those who pay and those who don’t !!!

No worries. The goal is not to unbalance the game, on the contrary. The system will be analyzed thoroughly so that no disparity can be created. Consider that the premium accounts will surely have acces to a more important set of zones, but in no case those locations will be subject to additions that would allow to draw the kind of advantage which would favour those who can’t access it.

Another great news, we will give our French players the possibility to evolve in a french-language server in September.

Many goals are intended with the opening of a second server:

- The first goal is, of course, to test the version of the server and the good realisation of the translations.
- The second goal is communal. Many players didn’t want to try the experience on the english server. We will give them the opportunity to try the adventure in their native tongue.

All of this is great, but some quests still have bugs, many developments remain to be done..

Yes, you’re absoltutely right. We told you a few lines above, we wish to involve you. We’re still counting on you to help us in this task and we will continue the good completion of the development of BlackMoon Chronicles-Winds Of War™.

Many goals :

- The complete debuggind of the game,
- The change in resolution,
- The addition of new quests,
- New zones,
- A brand-new guild system.

Of course! Those are unavoidable, but those developments will take time. How do you plan to do all that?

We will take on those tasks one by one and submit the evolutions to the server once they are done, so they can be tested and confirmed We are not able to give dates at the moment. Of course, as you will have understood, we want these developments to be done as fast as possible, so that the game will be operational as soon as possible. One thing is certain, the game will be ready when we believe it is. We won’t do the same mistake twice. You may consider that balckMoon Chronicles-Winds Of War™ will experience a second beta-test phase.

Ahem... Ok, a new beta-test phase... does this mean the suppression of the accounts once the game will come out officialy?

No. Consider that the game is launched, and that you have the possibility to play it as is. This only means that the payment systems will only be resettled at the end of a satisfying development of the product.

You are now aware of the situation, we wish to be as transparent with you as can be and we think that together, we have the possibility to bring BlackMoon Chronicles - Winds Of War™ where it should be.

We are only at the beginning of a long road, on which we will have the occasion to live a great adventure.

In conclusion, we haven’t forgotten the people who have already payed for a subscription, thus placing their confidence in us. We thank you for that gesture and to show you what it meant to us, we offer you two possibilities :

- Complete reimbursement of all the subscription fees payed,
- Wait for a commercial proposition the day we will celebrate the completion of BlackMoon Chronicles - Winds Of War™.

Let’s wish a healthy recovery for this wonderful project... And many new things to come!

The team of "BlackMoon Chronicles - Winds Of War™'.

Will you be ready to plunge into the richness of the first interactive comic book!

BlackMoon Chronicles - Winds Of War™ Where do you stand?
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