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Free access, french server and new developments

MONTREAL, CANADA, Wednesday May 14, 2008, The company AmalGame-Online Inc. announced the official launch of "BlackMoon Chronicles - Winds Of War™" !

Today, it is time for observations. Like many of you have noticed, the game does not give us satisfaction. For many well-identified reasons, the results we were expecting have not been met.

Despite a definite interest at the launch of the beta-test (more than 1000 accounts created in the first couple of days), the results are not where we want them to be.
Many technical difficulties came to delay the beginning of the beta-test (lack of server stability, problems with the SQL base, problems with the launcher), thus repelling a huge part of the players that had created an account.

We have worked hard to rectify this. Fifteen days later, the server was stable and we finally started the normal debugging of the game like it should be done in a beta-test period. But a lot of harm had already been done.

We have to admit it: the game was launched prematurely.

After a few weeks of analysis, the team of AmalGame-Online has realized a complete assessment of the encountered difficulties and is now decided to give a real future t...
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Contest winners

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the big winners of the four subscriptions of six months to BlackMoon Chronicles - Winds Of War™!

The following accounts have been credited with a six month of game time;

- Adamentium
- Bloodcall
- Usbayaddan
- Zack

Congratulations to you 4 and thanks to all the participants.

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BlackMoon Chronicles teaser trailer

A few days ago, AmalGame-Online released a new video, re-edited with new in-game sequences. Mmosite had kindly agreed to upload it on their website. You can check it out on that link;

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A sign posted around the arena in Horkher and on the gallows in Moork

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A sign posted on the walls of Altenberg's castle

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A sing posted on the walls of Sysigie Castle

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A sing posted on the walls of Lhynn's palace

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Thump: A true fan

I just wanna say a few words about one of the biggest fans ever to set foot on the lands of Lhynn, and that is Thump. Thump is a great guy, always helping others in-game, and trying to greet them as they connect to the server. He has just created his own mmosite blog,  http://my.mmosite.com/bmhaven, to try and make more people discover the universe of BlackMoon Chronicles.

A few months ago, the company I work for, AmalGame-Online Inc, has bought back the exclusive rights of BMC, but in philisophy, it's not really our game; it's his game and it's the game of every player and every fan and every player that's out there like him, devoted to BMC. We provided the skeleton, they provided the flesh. We're the necromancer and they're the mighty power of negation bringing the life back to the body of a Black Guard... ahem

So thanks Thump, I'm really glad you enjoy the game ^^
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Contest and sponsorship system

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Technical Newsletter

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